An open archery club for all bow styles

The Archery Ladder

Not quite Snakes and Ladders

We have all heard of Snakes and Ladders - But Snakes and Archery, that's a new one !

Our OysterCatcher Tournament was such a success, that we introduced a new competition - not Snakes and Ladders, but the East Kilbride Archery Club Archery Ladder!

Snakes and Ladders board
Cartoon snake with an archery bow

Archery Ladder format

This new competition will have a different format and will run as a sports “Ladder Competition”. It will run over the course of the indoor season (1st July to 30th June) with the archer at the top of the ladder at the end of June being crowned the “Ladder Champion”

Where it gets interesting - is that unlike the Oystercatcher Tournament, it is not a handicap shoot. Recurve takes on Compound or barebow on a completely level playing field - or ladder in this case. It's perhaps easy to think that compound will always win - but you might be very surprised !

Archery Ladder Bowstyle comparisons

The Rules

  1. The Ladder Competition is open to all club members and all bow styles. Archers can enter under more than one bow type but cannot challenge themselves within the competition. The aim of the competition is to be the archer at the top of the ladder at the end of the indoor season (30th June).
  2. The initial ladder ranking will be determined by means of a random draw. Any archer wishing to join the competition after the draw has taken place will be added on to the bottom of the ladder.
  3. Archers move up the ladder by challenging and beating archers placed above them. An archer can challenge anyone up to three places further up the ladder, regardless of bow style. Challenges are made directly to the archer in question.
  4. The date/time of any challenge match shall be mutually agreed, but must be within three sessions of the challenge being issued (except in extenuating circumstances). Any archer who refuses a challenge shall be deemed to have lost the match.
  5. Each archer in the competition may only be involved in one challenge at a time. He or she cannot issue another challenge, nor be challenged by anyone else, until their current challenge has been resolved.
  6. The format of each challenge match shall be determined by a “lucky dip” drawn by the archer who received the challenge. The lucky dip may result in a recognised round, a made up round, a one arrow shoot off, a head to head round or something else entirely!
  7. If the challenger wins the match he or she moves into the defeated archer’s place, and everyone else below this moves down one place. If the challenger loses the match there is no change in any positions.
  8. An archer cannot challenge the same person more than once in any shooting session but may challenge someone else immediately after a challenge match has been shot.
  9. Results of each match should be given to Alison Findlay as soon as possible after the match has been shot. An up to date ladder will be displayed at each shooting session.
  10. At the end of the indoor season there will be awards for the highest placed archer of each bow style in the competition.
Cartoon figure reading a rule book