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The Oystercatcher Tournament

Compound vs Barebow

That's unfair - right? Not with the Oystercatcher !

The Oystercatcher Tournament is our annual, indoor, knockout, handicap tournament, open to all club members, which runs from September through to May/June of each indoor season.

Picture of an Oystercatcher bird on a fence post

How does this magic work?

The competition is shot on a handicap basis which allows all archers to compete equally together irrespective of gender, age or equipment division. Your handicap gives you an “allowance” (calculated using Archery GB handicap tables) which is added to the score you shoot on the day. The winner of the match is the archer with the highest handicap-adjusted score.

Example (for a Portsmouth round)

Archer A has a handicap of 43.

  • With a handicap of 43 they will get 922 points added to their score.
  • Archer A shoots a Portsmouth score of 523, giving them a total score of 1445.

Archer B has a handicap of 60.

  • With a handicap of 60 they will get 1024 points added to their score.
  • Archer B shoots a Portsmouth score of 435, giving them a total score of 1459.

In this match archer B is the winner with a higher handicap-adjusted score even though they shot a lower Portsmouth score on the day. This system means that the winner in any match is the archer who has shot best relative to their own personal performance level.

Recurve, Barebow and compound silhouettes

Tournament Format

At the beginning of September all names of competing members will be put into a hat and drawn out to see who shoots against who in the initial round. There will be a deadline set by which all first-round matches have to be shot and it is up to each pair of archers to organise a session which suits them both to shoot their match. The archer with the highest handicap-adjusted score in each match will progress through to the next round with deadlines set for each round of shooting. Deadlines will be set depending on how many rounds will be required, which obviously will be determined by the number of competitors but should give archers 6-8 weeks over which to organise their match.

The round shot is a Bray I which is 2 ½ dozen arrows, shot in ends of 3 arrows, at a 40cm face at 20 yards (2 ends of sighters, 3 arrows each end). 10 zone scoring applies with a maximum possible score of 300.

Scoresheets will be available at all indoor sessions and should be completed and signed as per normal competition rules. If there is a tie with handicap-adjusted scores, then the winner will be decided on the number of 10s shot and if it is still tied after that the person with the higher handicap (i.e. closest to 100) wins.

The winner of the tournament will be awarded a club trophy which they will retain for a year until it is time for it to be awarded to the winner of the next tournament.

Oystercatcher Tournament trophy

Want to give it a go?

If you are interested in taking part in our handicap tournament with the chance of winning a beautiful trophy and bragging rights for a whole year then please give your name to Alison Findlay.

If you are interested in the competition but are not sure whether you currently have a handicap or would like to know how to achieve a handicap please speak to Paul Stewart.