An open archery club for all bow styles


Archery is a very inclusive and social sport, attracting seniors, juniors, young and old and allows able and disabled archers to shoot and compete together.

East Kilbride Archery Club was resurrected in 2016, after lying dormant for many years.

East Kilbride is a town in South Lanarkshire and is the "home" of the club, despite our different shooting locations (See Venues).

The modern day coat of arms of East Kilbride includes a bird - the Oystercatcher, which is a symbol of St Bride. East Kilbride Archery Club include the Oystercatcher in our logo, to accentuate the link to East Kilbride.

We have also went so far as to name one of our club competitions after the Oystercatcher. See our Club Competitions / Oystercatcher page for more information.


The committee helps to administer the club and is made up of office bearers and permanent ordinary members.

Any member of the club is welcome to attend any of our committee meetings.

Please see our Facebook page or calendar for details of dates and times.

Image of people in a committee sitting at a table

Club Committee members